Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's all coming together...

I have been the worst blogger ever due to my infrequency of posting... More on that later (well probably not actually, don't hold your breath).  I figured since everything is really starting to come together for Teacher Training this fall I should actually document this momentous occasion for my own reading and reminiscing pleasure in the future.  Oh and I suppose for my friends and family should they so choose to read this... (I think my mom will, and probably my grandma, and my sister will occasionally read it and then make fun of me. Oh well that's better than 0 followers right?) 

Enough of that.  So today I love technology.  My lovely friend Cheryl took some photos of me in the studio after yoga class tonight.  I immediately uploaded them and then emailed them off to the printers where I can pick them up in less than an hour.  I don't quite need them that quickly, I think tomorrow will suffice.  This morning I recorded myself saying some of the Bikram dialogue (of which I have 42 pages to memorize) on my laptop and then converted it and put it on my iPod so I can listen to it at work!! Ahh such things make life so simple. 

Taking photos of myself in yoga postures was an interesting and informative experience.  I didn't know I was so good at some postures and didn't know I was so bad at others *cough bow pose cough*.  I am applying for one of the two scholarships that they give away for training so I am required to send in photos of myself in 3 postures of my choice.  I have decided on standing bow, triangle and rabbit.  I talked to my studio owner the other day about the scholarship and she said it is very difficult to get one and you have to have an amazingly ridiculous story like you were a former heroin addict or a stripper or something.  Well... I don't qualify under those two categories but perhaps my story will be enough... I may publish my letter to Bikram here... I haven't decided yet.  How about we make a deal.  If I get the scholarship, I promise to share the letter that is the reason why.  If I don't get it... then I'll decide later.  Fingers crossed.

Standing bow pulling pose


My postures aren't perfect and I see things that I can fix with all of them but that is the beauty of this yoga!  Bikram says that it isn't yoga perfect, it's yoga practice.  I can't wait to see how my body changes and how my postures change after teacher training!! Fingers crossed that I can get there as it isn't 100% yet...

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