Saturday, 17 September 2011

We're in Los Angeles, eh!

Arrived in LA late last night! Woot! Had a good flight and navigated my way through LAX in 2.2 seconds flat. Slight dilemma upon arrival at the Radisson LAX which is my home for the next 9 weeks.  Most of the Teacher Trainees are arriving Sunday so we (my roommate and I) had to register for early arrival before we got here.  They had no record of our reservation and the hotel was totally booked.  I waited in the lobby for an hour for my roommate to arrive and then we got back in line at the front desk and explained our situation again.  Despite the hotel being full luck was on our side and the front desk guy worked some magic and managed to get us a room.  Going to another hotel would have SUCKED. Thank you front desk guy!!

Today we rented a car, a brand new black Ford Escape, and navigated our way through the streets of LA.  I drove and Kimiko (my roomie) used my GPS.  Thank you, thank you Grandma for the GPS because it totally saved us today!  We made it to Costco, Whole Foods and Target and back to the hotel no problem! LA driving is fun.  Some Real Housewife of Something or Other almost hit us but due to my stellar driving skills we successfully avoided collision.  Some cops stopped traffic right in front of us and we hoped we were about to see an arrest but alas it was a short lived traffic stop and ended more uneventfully than we had hoped.  We are just finishing up getting our room set up and organized.  It has been a long day but our room is looking great and we have SO much food.  We are both vegetarians and accidentally bought a flat of beans with bacon in them. Oops. I'm sure we can find someone who will eat them.  

Rapid fire things you may be interested to know:

  • I love Whole Foods, I love Target, I love my new car that I am pretending is mine although we have to return it in the morning.  
  • People watching here is hilarious.  
  • The staff at this hotel are absolutely amazing.  We have had the greatest customer service from all of them and I am very grateful.  
  • Kimiko and I are so very Canadian.  
  • Today I tried on not only pants but also a bra over my clothes and decided that that was a good assessment that they were the right size so I purchased them.  (They do fit, FYI).
We are going to head out to explore the hotel a bit and try to find the hot room! Namaste!

One last thing before we part: 

Kimiko and I met up quickly in the airport in Vancouver and decided to take some "Before" pictures to compare our progress through TT.  Here are the results.

Balancing Stick.  Total broken umbrella, not at all a T as in Tom... Keep trying Kimiko... Maybe next time.

Standing Head to Knee.  Well clearly we've got some work to do here.  Knee is NOT locked and the head is no where near the knee... Don't even get me started on the facial expression.


  1. yaaaay for your first post away!! what an adventure! you totally made me lol. hahaha. love it! i wish i were there with you. can't wait to hear more!

  2. Love this! Keep it up. I shall be following with bated breath as I will be doing this in the Spring!!!

  3. Thank you both for the support! We get a bit of a sleep in today with only one yoga class so I am just about to start Day One. I'll be sure to keep you posted!